Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No words can decribe..

What is the meaning of love..? Is love meant to be happy ever after? Is love meant to be happy ending? Is love have to be with the one that we love? Is love meant to let go the one that we love to achieve a better life and left we behind since we realize that we can't give the happiness? And what is the meaning of happiness? For me, I can't describe what love is but I can show it. Love for family, love for friends, love for my love ones. 

wo ai nimen

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


helo are you today..(I'm acting like a celebrity hoping that people often reading my blog)hehehe.. I'm a bit nervous today..I don't know why but obviously it is because the convocation day..huhu. This week my friends will graduating at DECTAR UKM.. For FSSK students, their big day is on 9th August, Monday if I'm not mistaken.. 

And for today,Dr. Noraini is not around and I just got 1 class, Malaysia in  Narration with Mr. Ravi.. We discuss about the postcolonialism studies. It was an interesting topic to discuss with since we've been colonized by the British until we get Independence at 1957. There are some of the theorist that we discuss that help the emergence of resistance that is Edward Said, Spivak, and Homi Bhabha. Each of them have their own opinion towards postconial studies. For example, Edward Said have change the terms 'third world','the commonwealth' that given by the Bristish to postcolonialism.

I think that is for now because my eyes is getting smaller and can't see clearly what I've write about. Stay tune. Will be back soon.
Miss them so much :(

Congratulations guys

gonna miss you guys so much
helo there.. I know that there is no one who is reading my blog..but yet, I just want to share my daily life here since there is no one I can share with..My friends will graduating at the end of the week. Congratulations, I really miss u guys..I can't find friends as you guys wherever I go..kk,sara,yat,ziha,husna,nad,tiqah,zila and all Elit students, don't forget me ya..good luck to all of you..kad jemputan jangan lupe anta kat rumah nanti..

Monday, August 2, 2010


almost 3 weeks I've been in UKM..alone is my besties now..have no friends,,